European Vacation

The Burgeson's trip to London and Norway 06 is chronicled here for anyone who's interested. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Final day in Norway

On the last day we made our way to Moss to meet with Hannah and her family. We met them at a nice museum/cafe overlooking the fjord where ferry boats and sailboats lazily passed as we ate coffee and sandwiches. Reidar played soccer with their 9 year old, Andreas while we relaxed a bit.

After our visit, we drove another hour across the border into Sweden into a small town on the water. We had a quick lunch there, walked around, shopped for souvenirs, then drove all the way back to a new hotel near the airport.

The hotel was a real economy minded selection. There were two sets of bunkbeds, a desk and a small bathroom and that was it. The dinner at the hotel was expensive, though, so we opted to walk over to a McDonalds instead (not my favorite pick.)

Ari didn't want to sleep, and she kept us all awake until the late hours of the evening. We slept a few hours and woke up at 3am to drive over to the airport. The flight to Amsterdam was uneventful, and after a short layover, we made the 8.5 hour flight to Detroit. It was long and boring, and we all only slept a little here and there. They fed us a couple of times, and we all had our own individual television sets with about 20 or so movies to choose from on demand so that helped to pass the time. In Detroit, we had a meal at Chilis and then found out that our flight to Traverse was delayed another two hours. After finally arriving in Traverse, we were pretty whipped. By the time we drove home, everyone was ready for bed. The picture above gives you an idea what Ari thought of the flying part of our trip.

We all agreed that it was the best vacation we had ever had. We hope to go back in a few years and hit Germay and maybe pop back over to Norway for another visit.