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Saturday, June 24, 2006

British view of America

From what I can gather, Americans are seen as agressive and "in your face", as one woman described her concept of the Yanks to me. We were mistaken for a Canadian family at one point, which allowed us to hear some very real thoughts on the US. After the mistake was realized, we were told that not being recognized as Americans was the highest compliment we could be paid.

The opinion of Bush is not too great here, as you have probably heard. In the papers, he is seen as a bigger threat to the world than Iran or North Korea. He is viewed as a brash aggressor. The English see themselves as a non-agressive people, caught up in a war that Tony Blair has gotten them into as a way to "Margaret Thatcherize" himself, the way in which she gained popularity after the Falkalands War and won a third term.

The english are enthusiastic about sports, friendly, polite, and were helpful to us during our stay here. The city of London is very dynamic and modern. There are people here from several nations; India, Australia, Japan, and the Middle East, to name a few. They live, in all ways, just as we do. They care about their children, the education system, their leaders, and their way of life. I can see why we feel such a kinship to our old motherland. I only hope that our deteriorating world perception does not continue to distance us from our cousins across the sea.


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